Saturday, September 19, 2009

RBOC on the first full week of classes

  • Apparently, I assign a lot of work.
  • I do not think a 15-20 page research paper in an upper division course is an undue amount of work.
  • Apparently, my students disagree with me.
  • Students here register for a lot of classes, show up the first day to look at syllabi, and then drop the classes they don't want to take. This is the cultural norm here.
  • This is not so bad, in that it makes my grading load lighter.
  • TAs are like little angels sent from heaven.
  • I think I am making friends with some of the other new faculty.
  • Saying that makes me feel like I am in junior high.
  • Apparently I think Fukuyama's The End of History is the worst thing written ever, judging by the comments I wrote all over my copy.
  • The student sitting next to me at the table saw my copy of the article and asked if "PBBBBBBT!" was a technical term of criticism.
  • I am not used to teaching three classes back to back. My voice starts giving out about half way through the third class. I need to do something about that.
  • I used a cartoon in class for an assessment tool. If they laughed when they read it, it meant they understood the lecture.
  • If you take a bite of hummus, and it turns out to be beandip, it doesn't matter how good the beandip is, it will still not be a good bite of food.
  • My international students are leaving my domestic students in the dust. I'm not sure if that's a commentary on the American educational system, or that students who go to foreign countries are a self selected group of overachievers.
  • I haven't walked into any more closets, but the roads still aren't surfaced.
  • Apparently I say apparently a lot.


Anonymous said...

I once photocopied an article for a class that had "Oh puh-leeze" and "yuck" written in the margins. ooops. :)

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