Saturday, March 19, 2011

Big week

This week:
  • I got permission to defend my dissertation. Draft three took, and I get to defend in April.
  • I was informed that I am the preferred candidate for the tenure track job I applied for. The university has sent my name to the executive board for approval. If they sign off, I have the job.
  • My husband got a great job offer from a company that is recruiting him. They are still negotiating the details, but it looks like he'll be leaving the company he's worked for for the last decade.
We've had so many of these major life change issues going on during the last month that it has been difficult to make plans because so much is up in the air. As one of these things gets nailed down after the other - and seriously, all three of these still have uncertainty to one degree or another - it should make planning easier. We're potentially going to sell our house and move. Maybe. To one of three cities. And we'll have to make decisions about schools for Cooper and all sorts of fun stuff.

I bought a little notebook to keep in my purse that I can jot down all the little things that will need to get done on  multiple fronts over the next while to make sure all these things happen when they are supposed to.

It's back to life by list.


La Rubya said...

I'm so so excited for you!! You're an incredible woman and I love you!! BYUI is lucky to have you. love- ruby.

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