Monday, April 30, 2012

Catching up

New one for the birding life list - white-crowned sparrow. Very noticeable black and white striped head and bright yellowy-orange beak.

Drove by the river yesterday and was wondering what the little fluffballs on the ground were. Then I realized they were baby goslings! Awww, little fluffballs.  I've also been watching some birdcams - great heron, red tailed hawk and peregrine falcon - so have seen lots of little fluffballs.

Cooper had his speech evaluation today. He has all his sounds except he's about 50% on R and misses almost all of his L and TH sounds. The speech therapist is a friend of mine and works for the school district, so she is going to do speech therapy with him over the summer. She says she doesn't think it will take that long to get his sounds in, it will just take some training to get his tongue to go to the right place after having a tongue tie for so long. I'll just pay her directly - take that insurance! We'll do two 15 minute sessions a week until we get him caught up.


Ruby Annette said...

HA! Take that insurance!! I have really had about enough from insurance companies, I can't imagine what y'all must be going through.

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