Thursday, August 30, 2012

Awesome thing about parenting #432,566,895

Watching your kid fall in love with the books you loved as a kid. So far both Make Way for Ducklings and Millions of Cats have been favorites.

Friday we are going to read We Were Tired of Living in a House (with the Doris Burn illustrations), Andrew Henry's Meadow and The Little House, and then do an art project that is based on designing a house.

And how do I not have the Mr. Putty and Tabby books?


Sarah said...

Because I have the Mr Putty and Tabby books. I love the pick the pears one.

EmmaNadine said...

I didn't realize that there is a train one. He loves trains so much that I haven't had the heart to take Freight Train off his shelf yet.

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