Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I surprised myself with how much I care

I watched video of Barack Obama voting this morning. And I teared up.

I started to cry because I realized how much I wanted this man to be president. I don't think I could deal with four more years of hate and divisiveness and meanness and stupidity. I'm not naive enough to think that Obama is the second coming of Christ. Or even Superman. But I believe he is going to be so much better for this country than McCain and Palin will be.

So this evening, I took Cooper with me into the voting booth, and I held his hand and we voted for Obama together. I wanted him to get to vote for a better future too.

And then, 41 minutes ago when they declared Obama president-elect, I started to cry.

The last eight years are almost over. I can hardly wait.


Jon92027 said...

I have been crting a little bit all day. I have been reading Andrew Sullivan all day today, and he has been letting people post the experiences that they had when voting, it was inspirational to say the least. I am so glad that there is someone who gives the US so much hope in a time that they need it more than ever.

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