Sunday, November 9, 2008

My day at church

Cooper's quickly adjusting to nursery at church. He didn't cry today when I dropped him off, and talking to the nursery leaders afterward, he played happily the whole time he was there. He has started learning the songs they sing in their music time and happily sings along. It's fun because he has started singing them at home, and I'll hear him just start singing songs I remember when he's playing.

Geekboy broke Jesus. Or at least, the glass over a picture of Jesus in the Primary room. Sharing time got a little crazy today, and the picture got knocked off of its easel. GeekBoy told the Primary President he felt bad for breaking Jesus, and she said, "You didn't break Jesus, just his protective covering." Ha!

And I know what to do when one of my students starts spouting off with wrong information in class at school. But when they do it at church, prefaced with, "My mom told me..." how do you politely deal with that?


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