Friday, December 5, 2008


The banana bread lesson has stuck around this week. There are lots of things for which to be grateful.
  • Really good banana bread.
  • Wednesday morning I got in the car to go to school and GeekBoy had left fresh flowers in the passenger seat. They are in a vase on the kitchen table and I smile every time I see them.
  • Cooper got to a stand in the middle of the living room floor with no support for the first time last night.
  • I made a breakthrough on my dissertation which means (I think) that I have more done than I thought I did. I have to go back and look at it again today, but if I'm correct, then I have about half of it in draft form now. I can see actually finishing this thing.
  • Grandma is recuperating from her surgery. She's a feisty lady. It looks like she is going to pull through.
  • My Christmas shopping is done. I'm really glad I got it done before the paycut kicked in, but even if there hadn't been a paycut, I'd still be glad it's done.
Little blessings, big blessings, but all blessings in my life.


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