Monday, February 23, 2009

25 random things about Cooper

I haven't written in a month now because things have been so busy, and I'm having so much fun with Cooper, but I thought I would take Ken and Belly's lead and do the 25 Random Things meme that was floating around Facebook and do it about Cooper. I want to remember what an awesome little kid he is right now.

1. His favorite show is Blue's Clues. He does the mail dance, and the Blue's Clues dance when Steve gets out the notebook.
2. He loves fruit smoothies, and spanish rice, and ketchup. Anything that I give him to dip in the ketchup is merely used to transport the ketchup. He'll lick it off of the french fry and then re-dip the food. It's gross. I don't share ketchup with him. He will also just eat the ketchup with his fork and bypass the food entirely.
3. He thinks mashed potatoes are horrible.
4. He loves to splash in the water. When I'm doing the dishes, he'll push a chair over to the sink, climb up on it and push me out of the way so he can splash in the dish water.
5. He also loves music. His cousin Alan got him a recorder for Christmas and he loves to play on it.
6. He loves to sing. His favorite song is Do as I'm Doing, and we have to roll our hands or clap our hands. His favorite part is doing the action realllllly slow at the right time in the song. He also does the spider for Itsy Bitsy Spider, makes beams with his hand and says Beams! during Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam, and can sing parts of the chorus to I am a Child of God.
7. His other favorite song is Old MacDonald has a farm. We sing this one in the car a lot, and Cooper gets to choose the animals. This means Old MacDonald has lots of dogs, and one cow. Michael and I have a different dog bark for each dog, thanks to Sandra Boynton's Doggies! book. Cooper will sing the E-I-E-I-O part, and make animal sounds, but mostly he just laughs at us.
8. He loves the Doggies book, but his true favorite book right now is Ten Little Ladybugs by Melanie Gerth. Close runner ups are BooBoo and Gossie and Gertie by Olivier Dunrea. He's old enough now that he will pick which book he wants read to him off of the shelf and then bring it to me to read to him.
9. He doesn't talk a lot yet, but he is very capable of getting his point across. He has to sit on a couch pillow on the floor when he watches TV. That's part of his physical therapy, beacuse it is soft and keeps him slightly off balance when he is sitting, which makes his abdominal muscles work. He also knows that he isn't allowed to watch TV when his physical therapist is here. One time, he decided he was done with his physical therapy appointment, so he went and pulled a couch cushion off the couch, carried it over to the middle of the living room floor and sat on it, and then looked at me pointedly. Message received loud and clear.
10. He still has his perfect cinnamon roll belly button.
11. He has two cuddle blankets that he loves, and must have one of them with him at bedtime.
12. He hates having blankets over him when he sleeps. Instead he arranges them into a little nest all around him.
13. The one part of him he likes having a blanket over is his head. Quite frequently when I go check on him before I go to sleep, he has his cuddle blanket over his head.
14. He also likes sleeping with his feet propped up on the rails to his crib. You would think he would lose circulation in his feet like that, but he does it all the time.
15. He also likes sleeping in the short end of his crib, all curled up in his nest of blankets. I try stretching him out longwise, but he likes being snuggled.
16. Cooper loves to get things off of the desk. I was cleaning the bathroom and saw him walk by with the stapler from off of the desk in the office. I'm not sure where he was going with it, but I didn't want to wait to find out.
17. He loves balls. Anything round right now is a ball, including fruit. He is actually fairly good at kicking a big rubber ball around the living room, considering the motor delay he has.
18. And cars. And trains. He says vroom vroom, choo choo and beep beep when playing with them.
19. He also loves the bathtub. He likes to fill up his squirty toys with water, and then shoot the water into his mouth.
20. He folds his arms whenever there is prayer. He doesn't close his eyes yet, but he sits quietly with his arms folded.
21. He likes nursery at church. He will cry sometimes when he drop him off, but it never lasts more than a minute. He loves getting to play and sing and color.
21. He has his own crayons, and he has a perfect tripod grip. It's amazing. If I write something on the paper, he tries to trace over it.
22. He has the longest eyelashes I have ever seen on a person.
23. He doesn't look like a baby anymore. He's a little kid.
24. His goal in life is to catch the cat.
25. He walks everywhere. He hates to be carried, even down the stairs. He's started to run. The cat better watch out.


kenandbelly said...

What IS it with kids and ketchup? Seriously.

EmmaNadine said...

I have NO idea.

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