Thursday, June 11, 2009

I got the job, I got the job, I got the job.

Yeah, really not much to add after that title, but I got the job. I finally got the call last night that the board had approved my hire. So offer made and accepted, contract on its way for signatures and stuff like that. I am still in the "happy yay" phase, and am holding off on entering the "oh my heck, I have a real job and need to find day care and grown up clothes" phase as long as possible. We'll see how long it takes me to get there.

On other interesting news, it turns out that when I am in a waiting period of my life, I crochet. In the last month, between the interview and the phone call, I finished the blanket I started for Cooper a year and a half ago, and also have made a purse for my niece, a turtle for the same niece, a bracelet for me which I ended up not liking but Cooper thinks is a great toy so all is well, a market bag for my MIL, a lace bookmark for my mom, another purse (this time for me), a coaster for my new computer desk so I don't leave rings in the wood, an octopus for Cooper, and a lap blanket for reading on the couch. I also have started another market bag, two scarves and a third purse. I finished up the binding on the lap blanket about 15 minutes before the phone call with the job offer came in, so I'm glad that's all finished, so now that the uncertainty about my fall position is resolved, I can get to work.

So, yay!


kenandbelly said...

What FANTASTIC news! Congratulations!

ShalottLady said...

Congrats!!! They've got themselves a gem. And good to know they're actually hiring--maybe we'll see you there someday!

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