Monday, July 6, 2009

Just your standard Monday morning after a national holiday

Wake up. Play snooze tag. For an hour.

Get up. Clean up living room and vaccuum popcorn off of couch so I can sit down to eat breakfast. Find all the missing stringing beads. Again. Including one under the fridge.

Eat breakfast.

Clean out fridge in an attempt to make grocery list. Clean up broken glass off kitchen floor from overly enthusiastic cleaning out of fridge.

Make grocery list.

Get me and Cooper in the car. Drive to the library. Watch man in front of me drive through a red light right in front of a cop. Cooper thinks the lights and sirens are cool.

Get to the library. Clean blood off Cooper's knee from temper tantrum in the parking lot. Pick up three shiny new books. Drop off donations for Friends of Library booksale.

Go grocery shopping. Very quickly figure out how to do Heimlich maneuver on a child while he still sitting in the grocery cart. Say a little prayer of thanksgiving when his face turns back to a normal color.

Buy myself a Suzy Q for getting through the morning with a minimum of bloodshed.

Come home, get all the groceries in the house and put them away.

Sit down with my Suzy Q on the couch and take a bite.

I miss trans-fats.


ShalottLady said...

Choking kids are so scary! Glad the crazy (yet typical) day ended well.

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