Thursday, January 14, 2010

No sleep for the mommies

Cooper has decided that sleep is for suckers. About every other night for the last week he's been coming into our room around three o'clock in the morning, wide awake and wanting to play. Trying to get him back to sleep two nights ago resulted in me finally giving up at five am and just bringing him to bed with me. I spent the next hour and a half with GeekBoy pressed up against my back, and Cooper patting me on the face every few minutes and asking if we could go upstairs and play. I hate being touched while I'm sleeping, so between the two men in my life pushed up against me, a little hand patting me face, and my cat taking advantage of the bedroom door being left open to come stake out a place on my feet, that was a long night.

Early this morning, Cooper walked into our room. "Hi, Daddy!" I have to admit I was glad he wanted his dad. About 40 minutes later, GeekBoy returned from finally getting Cooper to go back to sleep. His fervent prayer that it would take was unanswered when Cooper walked back into our room a few minutes later. "Hi, Mommy! Time to go upstairs?" I opened bleary eyes. "No, Cooper, it's time to sleep." He wordlessly turned around and walked out of the room. I thought I was going to have to go get him off the staircase when I heard him walk down the hall, go into his room, and shut the door behind him. He slept the rest of the night.

Can it really be that easy?


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