Monday, August 1, 2011

Gorgeous Rainy Day

It was a gorgeous rainy day today. The kind of rain that just keeps falling until there are little creeks running down the alley, and the air is washed free of all impurity.

So I sat in my house with the windows open listening to the rain today. I got a new sewing machine on Saturday. I didn't have a lot of time for making things with my hands during grad school. It was mostly a period of only the essential getting done. I decided to go through my crafting supplies - the little I had kept - and, well...

Fat Owl saw you eat his cookie.

Holier Than Thou Hippie (HTTH) Owl only hunts for prey in organic farmland.

HTTH Owl judges Fat Owl for being made out of synthetic fibers.


Anonymous said...

LMAO lovely!! :-D I love your HTTH owl. Quite sanctimonious. Hee.

Barbara Moench said...

This seems to be the week of the owls, During my morning walk on Friday, a great big horned owl came swooping up behind me and right over my head. What an impressive wing spread! Wonderful sight.

Then Sunday coming home from church a barn owl flew across the street and into some trees. Their face makes them quite easy to identify.

I don't know why either of them were out flying in the day time.

Then your delightful owls! They make you smile just looking at them and if you keep looking, they make you laugh out loud.


Sarah said...

I'm not sure what I want more, the fat owl, or the rain. Glad you had a great day.

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