Friday, July 27, 2012

Random tidbits

1. I chopped my hair off again. It has never been this short, I don't think. My mom will be happy because it is physically not possible for my hair to fall into my face. Unless it has previously fallen out of my head.

2. Insomnia is teh suck. Luckily I have an appointment with my doctor on Monday because oooooooohhhh myyyyyyyy, this is like having a newborn again, except without the sweet baby head to snorgle, or the tiny little hats, or the general smooshiness.

3. I cleaned out my office this week. I kind of cried. Maybe. Also, I have a lot of books. I think I need another bookshelf. Or two. That seems to be a recurring theme lately.

4. Also, I went to that new used bookstore. It was okay. Nothing fantastic, and the shelves weren't labeled, which is kind of annoying. Also, it mostly seems like an excuse for random hipster guy to just play his guitar and get paid for it.

5. I do not know how to play guitar.

6. Between the moving out of my office and the changing of the living room into the playroom, there is a lot of framed art that needs to get hung stacked up against various walls in my house. Apparently, I like pretty. There are also giant fly guts on my wall that I need to clean off, because I just killed a giant fly. Apparently sleep deprivation does wonders for my reflexes...Okay, now I have cleaned the giant fly guts off my wall, because ew.

7. I cleaned up my bedroom yesterday. (My mom is going to be so proud of me with this post.) Apparently I fling my clothes when I take them off because I found dirty laundry in the oddest places.


Sarah said...

I love your blog.

Also, I have decided there is no such thing as too many books. Just not enough bookshelves.

EmmaNadine said...

Seriously. I need Dad to come up here and build me one of his wall sized ones. Or maybe Cooper and I can do that as a project. Build giant bookshelf! That's like woodshop and art and math and alphabetizing and history for putting the theory ones in order.

Sarah said...

They really aren't that hard to build. You could have Dad send you design specs. I really, really miss the ones I left behind when I moved out.

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