Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goals for 2013

1. Read five non-fiction books on a particular topic.
2. Learn how to play the ukulele.
3. Get one piece of piano music performance ready.

1. Temple once a month (this is a sign how bad my temple attendance is, and there's no excuse since I can literally see Moroni from my front steps.)
2. Visiting teaching done by the 15th of every month.
3. Study a general conference talk each week.

1. Watch 50 movies with GeekBoy that neither of us have seen.
2. Plan a game night at our house. And then actually have the game night.
3. This one is none of your business. ;)

1. Read a book a day to Cooper that he has never heard before.
2. Enroll Cooper in at least one sports class besides his gymnastics. He loves baseball and soccer on TV.
3. Vegetables once a day! He's great about fruit, he actually prefers it to candy most times, but I'm bad about getting veggies into him.

Fun Stuff
1. Plant a fairy garden
2. Knit something I would actually wear
3. Crochet something geektastic.

Running a Home
1. Do the dishes every day!
2. Kick the storage closet's butt.
3. Get all the art rehung that we took down when we moved rooms around. And the new art we have acquired since.

Mental and Emotional Wellness
1. Read some fiction every day.
2. Stretch for 15 minutes every day.
3. Have a sing along at the top of your lungs session at least once a week.

Make the World a Better Place
1. Respond to all circumstances from a place of love.
2. Write a letter or card each week. Not email!
3. Do whatever Leslie's weekly challenge is.

Now, I should print these out and put them somewhere prominent so I don't forget them.

Also, I am a little tired just looking at this list.


Sarah said...

I'm tired looking at your list. That is a good list. What is Leslie's weekly challenge?

EmmaNadine said...

My friend Leslie is posting a weekly "do something nice for someone" challenge on Facebook this year.

Laura said...

I found your blog through a homeschool forum and I'm from Idaho and considering homeschooling as well. Anyhow, after reading your list, I thought you might like to know about a miniature garden contest... might be a fun reason to get started on a fairy garden. Good luck with your goals!

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