Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How did I do on my 2012 goals?

So my goals for 2012 were the following:

1. Buy new mattress for our bed. Ours is ten years old and slumpy. Done! Yay for better sleeps!
2. Finish the basement. Nope, because three turned out to be a disaster.
3. Fence the backyard. Yep! And put in a patio and egress windows and they broke a pipe and basement floods and blaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Also, firepit! Yay!
4. GeekBoy and I take a real vacation, sans Cooper. Yep! It was lovely to have a few days off, just the two of us.
5. GeekBoy and I take a real vacation with Cooper. Nope. Our calendar was all kids of weird this year.
6. Plant a tree that is at least as tall as I am. Nope. I feel really bad about this one.
7. Laugh more than I did last year. Yes!
8. Make an item of clothing - not an accessory - and wear it. Fail!
9. Read thirty books for fun. Above and beyond. I started reviewing at FantasyLiterature.com again too.
10. Try thirty new recipes. Fail.
11. Find a new poet to adore. Mary Oliver. She's amazing, and I'll probably end up spending all my Christmas money on her books. Also, W.H. Auden's For The Time Being is amazing. I have preordered the authoritative edition that is due out in May.
12. Do something completely spontaneous and unexpected. Quit my dream job, became a stay at home mom, a homeschooler, a Whovian, a nerdfighter, and even more of a Whedonite.

Maybe I should post my list of goals somewhere other than just on my blog so I can see them more than once in a year.


Sarah said...

Considering some of the major changes in your life between fence and job change, you did an amazing job on your goals

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