Saturday, March 14, 2009

Two thoughts about the media

1. I've been following the Jim Cramer v. Jon Stewart fight for the last week or so, and thought Stewart demolished Cramer on Thursday night. The NBC family of channels had been giving plenty of play to the story in the buildup, and having Cramer on their "news" shows, but as far as I can tell completely dropped the story on Friday after he lost. It wasn't even on Olbermann. Disappointing proof of the power of media conglomerates to determine what the news is.

2. All the voices who have been blaming the tanking stock market on Obama for the last few weeks have been conspicuously silent for the last four days as the market has rallied. You can't have it both ways. Either he's responsible for the good times, or he's not responsible for the bad. Or you can be an adult and realize that the market isn't the president's personal plaything and responds to a lot of stimuli that are not controlled by the president.


Jon92027 said...

there was some brief mention of it on Rachel Maddow, but not much

EmmaNadine said...

We went out last night, so we didn't see Maddow. Good to know that it wasn't a complete blackout.

Rick0311 said...

Satire and sarcasm are effective, disarming and falacious forms of argument. The can and should be rejected by an informed and discriminating mind.


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