Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reading times two

One of the things that I saw from this experience is that I wanted to be reading more, and working with books more than I currently was. Fun books, not stuff I have to read for my dissertation. I started posting to an online book discussion group at the beginning of the year, and one of my reviews of a book I was reading caught the eye of the woman who runs the Fantasy Literature site. She asked me to apply for a reviewer job, and it quickly fell into place where I am now a reviewer for them. They pay me in free books. ARCs, to be specific. Advanced Reading Copies. That means I get free books, and I get them before other people do, and I am supposed to be opinionated about them. It is the perfect gig for me.

In my work reading, I stumbled across a reference to a book that is either going to make my lit review 1000 times better, or make me have to restructure my entire dissertation. I'm hoping for the first option. I have an ILL request out for it, so I should know within a week or so. I'm just going to go ahead working as if it will all be okay.


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