Sunday, January 11, 2009

On becoming

My sister gave me a game of conversation question starters. My husband and I were on a long drive to visit my grandmother so I pulled the box of questions out and pulled one out at random:

If all your wishes were granted, what would your life look like?

That lead to an interesting discussion, and I realized that my wish-fulfillment fantasy is completely achievable without any genies or fairy dust or magic wands. The picture that came into my head was of my life twenty or thirty years from now, and there was a very specific picture of what my day looked like in that life, and the things I would be doing.

Some of that life looked like my life now. Some of it looked like things I knew I liked but didn't realize I wanted to be that significant part of my life. But all of it consisted of things I could achieve.

So that's my challenge to myself this new year. Make my life look more like that day in my head. That's why I'm losing weight. Because the woman in my head had a life that was healthy, and I'm not right now. It also means that I'm starting a few new projects that I may or may not discuss on here. And it means I'll be reorganizing the way I spend some of my time.

But here's to becoming an awesome sixty year old woman, one day at a time.


kenandbelly said...

Hear hear!

GeekBoy said...

Please let me know what I can do to help us both get there.

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