Wednesday, January 14, 2009

RBOC: Thoughts on a Wednesday

Too many little tidbit type things floating around in my head, so a grand old RBoC post:
  • My score at the penguin slide game on Wii Fit sucks because I am laughing so hard my penguin always falls off the iceberg.
  • I don't like Katy Perry's music. Her songs annoy me for a variety of reasons, but it's hard to dislike her entirely for one reason. Whenever her new song Hot n Cold comes on the radio, Cooper starts rocking out in his car seat. It's so incredibly adorable.
  • The video for that song makes the song even worse.
  • While we're talking about music, does Jason Mraz's songs make anyone else want to go on a vacation? And is weird that I have a bit of a girlcrush on Pink?
  • Cooper spent five minutes saying "die" over and over again in a sweet angelic happy voice this afternoon. It was both hysterical and disturbing.
  • There is something incredibly wrong with getting to a doctor's office at 2:00pm, finally seeing the doctor at 3:01 and being done with the appointment by 3:03.
  • Have I mentioned lately how well Cooper's physical therapy is doing? I have to remember now that he can walk, because I'm so used to carrying him or having him in a stroller when we go out. He walked from the car across a big parking lot into the medical building down the hall and into the doctor's office without stopping or falling all by himself. When we got home from going grocery shopping, instead of carrying him into the house, I put him on the sidewalk and told him to go in the house. So he walked up to the front door while I got the groceries from the trunk, and then knocked on the front door until I got it unlocked. He waited for me to open it, crawled inside (the threshold is raised and that still gives him problems) stood up, waited for me to come inside, and then pushed the door shut behind me. He's such a little kid now. It's great.
  • I trust Whoorl's advice about most things beauty related, so when I needed new mascara, I picked up her recommended Lash Exact by CoverGirl, but have been saddened to find that there is something about the brush that makes me stick it in my eyeball one time out of three.
  • More people, however, should do product recommendations by haiku.
  • Why is it always the second your students walk out the door that you remember the important thing you forgot to tell them?
Enough for now. I have a substantive post brewing, but it's not ready yet.


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