Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My birthday present

I got an early birthday present last night. GeekBoy got me the Wii Fit. I had told him that's what I wanted, so it's not like, "Hey, honey, you're fat, do something about that." He's supporting me in my goals. In general I don't recommend exercise equipment as a gift to your female significant others.

I played with it last night, and it's so much fun. It taps into my competitive streak perfectly. I must have the four star rating on advanced step. I will do this slalom course until I don't miss a gate!

One of the things that was cracking me up the most, though, is the other Miis running around in the games. My brother-in-law had way too much fun creating Miis at some point in the past and loading them into our console, so now I do my step with Jack Black, and Elvis kicks soccer balls at my head. It's the only way to exercise.


Anonymous said...

my brother in law bought us all a wii to play at christmas and made miis for all of us. they were hilariously accurate. Then he added a bunch of other characters--John McCain and Barack Obama and the like. Very amusing.

my husband won't even buy me exercise equipment if I ask for it. :)

EmmaNadine said...

I'm sure there has to be a website somewhere with instructions on how to create celebrity miis somewhere. Then I could go jogging with Nietzsche or something fun like that.

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