Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Vacation

My little family went to Arizona over the weekend. We went to go visit my brother and his cute little brand new twin daughters. Cooper had his first easter egg hunt. He also found a new word, "Egg!"

A few random thoughts from this weekend:

1. There should be a word for the feeling you get when you're in your hotel room, and are wondering what in the world is causing that frequent but randomly spaced honking sound from outside and then you realize it is your kid playing with the locking button on your rental car keys.

2. All jelly beans should be either jelly bellies or Starburst jelly beans. All other kinds are gross.

3. Apparently "world famous" means something different in Arizona than it does here, because there were lots of world famous attractions we drove by that I have never heard of.

4. Going back to somewhere you lived a decade ago is a good way to make yourself sad when you realize how few of your memories are still there. Wow, the Mesa area has changed!

5. The Bahama Rama Mama from Bahama Buck's is still amazing though. I'm glad that memory is intact.

6. The TSA will confiscate the jars of homemade jelly your mom made you if you leave them in your carryon bag.

7. Even though it's snowing outside right now, Cooper got to run around in shorts and a t-shirt all weekend. I actually had to bring him inside at one point because he was so flushed and warm. We're sitting here in the snow, and two days ago I was worrying about heat exhaustion. Some days I do not like Idaho.

8. Arizona water still tastes nasty.


ShalottLady said...

Hey, we were in AZ too! It rained on our Esater egg hunt, which was funny. And Amen say I to the jelly beans and AZ water. Our tastebuds are in agreement.

Moench Kazoku said...

We really enjoyed having you here. We are so glad that you could make it. The headbands you made were a big hit today at church and I even had a few people ask where they could buy them. So in your free time, if you want to start a side business.....

Moench Kazoku said...

Wait, you let the TSA steal mom's jam? I think they just made up an excuse to steal the jam....Maybe next time you should take an extra jar to bribe them with. Mom brought 12 jars down to distribute and you are the only one who attempted to take them home.....poor us. 10 jars of blackberry jam. What will I do?

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