Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I got a phone call

Yesterday I got a phone call from the university that I applied to back in December for a one year visiting professor position. The funding has finally come through for the position, after a temporary freeze, and they want me to come to campus for an interview. I'm simultaneously excited and nauseated.

I'm wondering what all I should take with me for the interviews. They had a very limited list of what they accepted with the initial packet, so they haven't seen sample syllabi or teaching evals yet, and this is a teaching intensive university. Are they going to want to see those documents? I'm still waiting to hear back about what they want me to teach while I'm there.

And sometime in the next few weeks I need to go find an interview suit.


ShalottLady said...

Congrats! They'd be lucky to have you! I'm pretty sure my dad's interviewed candidates before--though in a different field--I bet he'd be happy to talk you about the process.

EmmaNadine said...

Ooooh, good idea. Maybe I'll shoot him an email.

kenandbelly said...

That's fantastic!

I think there's way more upside than downside to being uber-prepared. :)

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