Thursday, May 21, 2009


He is, as I type this, laying beside me with his head on a couch pillow, fake snoring at the top of his lungs. And now he just shushed himself.

He has a habit of sucking his thumb, as long as he has his corner blanket to hold on to with the same hand. We leave his corner blanket in his crib so he won't suck his thumb during the day. Well, he figured out where the dish towels are kept in the kitchen and has started stealing a towel out to use as a surrogate blanket. He thinks it's funny to get caught, and will go put it back as soon as we tell him to do so. Yesterday he went into the kitchen, grabbed a towel and then ran through the living room into the front entry as fast as his little legs could carry him, so he could still see the television but I couldn't see him from my spot on the couch. He laughed when I told him to go put the towel back, and ran back into the kitchen and put it back.

Later in the afternoon, I heard the sound of a kitchen chair being pushed across the floor. Right as I'm about to get up and go investigate, he walks into the living room carrying the kitchen rug behind him. He drops it in the middle of the living room floor, and walks back into the kitchen. Curious, I wait to see what happens next. A few more scooting sounds and a pause of a few seconds later, I hear him splashing in the kitchen sink. I walk in there to get him down before he dumps any more water on the kitchen floor, and pull the chair back (the rug was blocking him from getting the chair up to the sink) so I can start mopping up the water. He is still standing on the kitchen chair, so he grabs onto the back of it and starts rocking back and forth as hard as he can, and starts scooting the chair back to the sink while standing on it.

I had no idea parenting was going to be so funny.


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