Sunday, May 17, 2009

RBOC: Sunday morning edition

I've been on a fried egg kick lately. I am writing this blog post while eating a fried egg on toast.

Cooper is outgrowing all his tops. It amazes me how fast he grows. Into the 3T tops for summer wear.

He fell down the stairs at our friends' house last weekend. He was more startled than anything, luckily he only somersaulted down a few carpeted steps into his dad's arms, but he is much more leery of going up and down stairs by himself now.

He must wear a baseball cap at all times. A few nights ago I found him asleep in his crib with his cap on backwards.

I finally got into the garden this weekend. One of the drawbacks of having a long, rainy spring is lots and lots of weeds and no time to pull them all out. I got a few of the beds weeded. I found several seedlings that have volunteered themselves, including one that I think is a lupine plant. I'm also realizing I need to figure out how to transplant perennial geraniums and daylilies. And maybe some bellflowers as well.

I went to the farmer's market yesterday and eyed all the beautiful plants for sale. I did not buy any though, because I wasn't sure what holes I would need to fill in. That's my motivation for getting all the flower beds in shape this week: buy new plants next Saturday.

I found some adorable globe bird feeders yesterday. They are now hanging in the backyard. We'll see if they attract any new birds to the yard or if they just attract more squirrels.

I want to get a bird house.

We are about to embark on the potty training adventure in our home. Wish me luck.


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