Friday, December 30, 2011

I am still a geek

I have been much more geek adjacent than full geek lately.

Then, tonight, I was cooking dinner, and as I was smashing the tomatoes in the skillet for my fantastic homemade tomato sauce, one of the tomatoes exploded and I got hit by flying, superheated tomato juice.

The first thing I thought was, "OOOOWWWW!"

Then next thing I thought was, "Splash damage."

And then I decided to figure out how much damage flying, superheated tomato juice would do.

I am still a geek.

Oh, and 1d2.


Sarah said...

Owwww. I was drinking hot chocolate whilst reading your blog. No, I didn't figure spittage damage.

Love you!

EmmaNadine said...

To fully calculate damage, I would need to know how hot your cocoa was.

Also, spitting would be range damage, rather than splash.

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