Sunday, December 18, 2011

O break, where are thou?

Theoretically, my break starts tomorrow. Realistically, all day tomorrow will be spent in my office finishing up grading, writing letters of recommendation, and finishing up all the administrative tasks that I have to do. I honestly cannot imagine what it must be like to be heavily involved in administration.

Classes start again on January 4th. I have almost nothing done for my syllabi for next semester. One of them is for a class I am drastically reworking; another for a class I've never taught before.

Oh, and I have a conference paper I was planning on writing over the break, too.

Hmm. This does not seem very break-like to me.


Sarah said...

Well, it's not like your students actually read the syllabi anyhow, so you can probably skip that and the new class you can just teach by the spirit so, all you have left is the conference paper.

I know... pppbbbttt :)

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