Monday, December 12, 2011

I love my body

1. My body is not actively trying to kill me.
2. My eyes allow me to see beauty every day.
3. I have a beautiful singing voice.
4. My body bore two beautiful children.
5. My ears hear my husband say, "I love you."
6. My body lets me hug my kid, tuck him into bed, and give him good night kisses.
7. I have lips that are the color and shape that most women try to get with lipstick.
8. My fibromyalgia means I am on so many medications that I can't donate blood, so I don't have to feel guilty about not donating.
9. I have gorgeous blue eyes, that I passed on to Cooper.
10. I have three little moles in the center of my back that form a tiny triangle. I'm grateful for that because if I ever get decapitated, I'll still be easy to identify.


Ruby Hill said...

I totally understand the moles. People would recognize me because of my birthmark on my leg, unless my leg gets cut off... Anyway, I think you're beautiful inside and out!! Want to know a secret? I don't have to donate blood because of my diabetic medication :). Hence, no guilt.

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